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de Spa Sugar Free Chocolates

After having made sugar free chocolates for nearly three years, de Spa Chocolatier is pleased to offer these wonderful products online. de Spa sugar free chocolates are produced in the same way as our regular chocolates except that the sugar has been replaced by a natural sweetener called Maltitol. View our sugar-free chocolate range.

The Benefits of using Maltitol in Sugar-Free chocolates
  • It is a natural sweetener made by hydrogenation of maltose which is obtained from starch. Maltitol is about 90% as sweet as sugar. It is a member of a family of bulk sweeteners known as polyols or sugar alcohol?. Maltitol is non-carogenic and significantly reduced in calories.
  • Maltitol may be useful for people with diabetes because it dose not raise blood glucose or insulin levels. Maltitol is slowly absorbed therefore when it is used, the rise in blood glucose and the insulin response associated with the ingestion of glucose is significantly reduced.
  • Although maltitol is often used to replace sugars, it may also be used to replace fat as it gives a creamy texture to food.
  • Maltitol is resistant to metabolism by oral bacteria which breaks down the sugar and starches in our food and drink intake that may lead to tooth decay. The American Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has approved the use of a "Does Not Promote tooth decay" health claim in the labeling of sugar free foods that contain maltitol.
Printed from material from the Copyright 2001, Calorie Control Council


Dark Chocolates
Maltitol, cocoa liquor, emulsifier, lecithin, cocoa butter, natural vanilla

Milk Chocolates
Maltitol, full creme milk powder, emulsifier, lecithin, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, natural vanilla

Creme Filled Chocolates
Maltitol, full creme milk powder, fruit oil, emulsifier, lecithin, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, natural vanilla

Nutrition information from Callebaut, Belgium.

Sugar Free Plain Milk Chocolate
Energy(kj): 2042
Protein(g): 6.9
Fat, Total(g): 36.5
Saturated Fat(g): 23.1
Carbohydrate(g): 50.3
Sugar(g): 8.2
Sodium(mg): 82.9

Sugar Free Plain Dark Chocolate
Energy(kj): 1906
Protein(g): 5.4
Fat, Total(g): 35.8
Saturated Fat(g): 22.6
Carbohydrate(g): 46.4
Sugar(g): 0.5
Sodium(mg): 96.4